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Politics is about people, and our communities must be able to trust Labour in Government once again”

My priorities


An economy that puts people first

Tackling the cost of living crisis and boosting living standards must be a priority. I’ll fight for a better deal for all, including higher pay, strengthened workers rights, and empowered trade unions.


A stronger NHS that’s there when we need it

We need to invest more in prevention, staffing, and social care, while ensuring we shorten waiting lists. I’ll fight to build parity of treatment between physical and mental health.


Tackling the climate crisis and building a green economy

I will fight for a transformative green agenda and the establishment of GB Energy to build an army of good, well-paid green jobs.


Lifelong education that’s fit for a modern era

Education should bring the best out of every young person. I will champion an education system that teaches skills for life and smashes the class ceiling.


Social and affordable homes for all

I’ll work with partners to boost social and affordable housing so that everyone has somewhere they can call home.


Rejuvenating the high street and town centres

I’ll make sure communities have the local infrastructure, small business support, public transport, and services we need to thrive.

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From reversing Tory neglect of our green spaces, to pioneering institutional change in mental health support, I’ve always shown that no matter how big the challenge, I’ll always take it on and get the job done.

Having gone to school at Yavneh College in Borehamwood, worked my first job at a retailer in the Boulevard, and grown up across the constituency, I’ve seen how our community supports one another.

But the Conservatives have driven our country into the ground - and they’ve taken voters in Hertsmere for granted for too long. I saw that firsthand when knocking on doors during last year’s council elections, which showed us that people here are ready for change.

We need a transformative Labour government to pick us back up. Oliver Dowden doesn’t fight for the change we need - he’s part of the problem, at the centre of successive failed Tory governments.

But we can only put that right with a Labour government that offers a fresh start - and our communities must be able to trust Labour in government once again.

My great-great grandfather, fleeing persecution in eastern Europe, opened a kosher restaurant in the East-End, passed down through generations. My dad worked there night and day to make sure our family had a roof over our head. It was at the centre of my family life, and grounded me in my local Jewish community.

I’m from this community - it taught me to work hard, stand up for others, give back and fight for what you believe in. It’s why I joined the Civil Service, volunteer for cancer care charities and food banks, and why I am a trustee for a homelessness charity. And it’s why I campaign for Labour, day in, day out.

We need to make hope a reality for so many in Hertsmere. Our education system is too rigid, focused on exams instead of creativity and skills for life. Too many in society are left too long without adequate mental health support. We need to tackle the cost of living crisis, fix our rundown public services, and embrace the opportunities of a green economy.

Those would be my priorities in Parliament.

If you want a Labour candidate with the local roots and national voice to take on Oliver Dowden and the Tories, I would be honoured to have your support.

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Today @Keir_Starmer set out Labour’s first steps for change.

Fully costed, fully funded and ready to go - Labour is ready to make a real, practical difference to the lives of people across Hertsmere and beyond.

Super Sunday in Borehamwood’s Kenilworth Ward today!

@JoshDTapper and his team of local members have spoken to hundreds of residents in the north of the ward.

The support for Josh is incredibly strong with our parliamentary candidate having many connections in the ward.

Humbled to have joined Radlett United Synagogue for their Yom HaShoah remembrance evening last night.

The involvement of so many local young people was inspiring. Keeping the memory alive for future generations has never been more important.

Never again.

Today is Polling Day!

As someone who won my first council election by 2 votes, I can tell you that every vote really does count.

Some things to remember when you head to the polls-

🗳️Today is Election Day for the PCC across Hertfordshire 🗳️
Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm and you’ll need Photo ID 🪪
For a safer Hertfordshire and YOUR voice heard,
Vote Labour & Co-op Today ❌


Never be complacent. Change only comes if you vote for it.

If there’s an election where you are today, vote Labour in the next couple of hours before it’s too late - to stop the chaos, turn the page, and start to bring practical change to our communities. 🗳️🌹